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Russula mariae

Sequencing Updates

At NEMF 2023 in Kerhonksen, NY, 237 specimens were sampled for DNA sequencing. If you attended that foray, you likely encountered John Plischke whisking mystery fungi over to his work station where he documented each find. With assistance by Gabriela D'Elia and Kim Plischke, and sequencing by Stephen Russell, we now have an exciting list of results that includes a number of rare and novel species! 


For the 237 specimens that were sampled, we got back 177 sequences.

Sequencing is a vital tool for indentifying many of these rare and novel species, since it's impossible to identify all of them while on the tables at the foray. We're appreciative of the dedicated teams working on sequencing both at the forays and beyond! 

Looking ahead to NEMF 2024 on Cape Cod, our goal is to voucher and sequence as many specimens as possible. 

The species listed below had no matches in the DNA database, so it's likely that many of them are novel. 

Species Name
Link to Observation
Arrhenia "sp-NY02"
Cortinarius "sp-NY11"
Inocybe "sp-NY18"
Inocybe "sp-NY19"
Inocybe "moelleri-NY01"
Cortinarius "sp-NY12"
Ramaria "sp-NY02"
Cortinarius "sp-NY13"
Cortinarius "sp-NY13"
Inocybe "sp-NY20"
Amanita "sp-NY11"
Cortinarius "sp-NY14"
Lactarius "sp-NY04"
Inocybe "flocculosa-NY01"
Russula "sp-NY11"
Pholiota "sp-NY01"
Cortinarius "sp-NY15"
Cortinarius "sp-NY16"
Cortinarius "sp-NY17"
Geoglossum "sp-NY02"
Tricholoma "sp-NY03"
Botrytis "cinerea-NY01"
Clavariadelphus "pallidoincarnatus-NY01"
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