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Registration Terms


Online Registration:

This year we are again using an online registration system. You can pay by PayPal, Credit Card or by check (Manual Payment at checkout). Please note that our registration provider does add a surcharge to your purchase and we appreciate your understanding.

Online Registration steps:

  • go to: 

  • Click on the blue Buy Tickets button. That will bring you to the ticket menu.

  • You can make up to 6 selections from the ticket menu. Click on the blue Checkout button.

  • This brings you to Purchaser Information. Enter your first name, last name and email address. Click on the blue Continue button.

  • The ticket details window opens. Fill the form being sure to fill all required fields: Name, Address, City, Country, State, Zip code, Roommate & Emergency Phone#

  • Click on "Next ticket” or blue “Continue” button

  • Click the “I Agree” Liability Waiver checkbox. Click the blue Continue to Payment button.

  • Choose your Payment option. N.B. selecting Manual Payment will save you money.

Registration FAQs: 

If, when you have completed your registration, the “Continue” button is not available (dimmed) go back to be sure you have filled any field having an asterisk. Enter any character (none or N/A will do) to activate “Continue.”

For Room tickets, please complete all fields in the registration form. 

When adding tickets for T-shirts, workshops, or donations towards DNA sequencing, the system does ask that you complete the registration form for each ticket. For these non-room purchases, kindly enter information in the required fields only. No need to add roommate or diet preferences again! 

If you would like to register for a workshop or purchase a T-shirt, you can do so easily by contacting the registrar directly with your order.

Mail-in Registration:

If you cannot complete online registration you may request a registration form. This reservation form must be completed and either emailed or mailed to the registrar. The reservation will be completed with the receipt of a check within 30 days; your registration is not considered complete until payment is received. Once mailed, please let the registrar know.


Single Room — Friday - Monday — 8 meals (see below under Meals) — $850.00

Single Room — Saturday - Monday — 6 meals — $605.00

Double Room (standard registration) — Friday - Monday — 8 meals — $570.00 per person

Double Room -— Saturday - Monday — 6 meals — $415.00 per person

Triple Room — Friday - Monday — 8 meals  — $495.00 per person

Triple Room — Saturday - Monday — 6 meals — $370.00 per person

Quadruple Room — Friday - Monday — 8 meals — $460.00 per person

Quadruple Room — Saturday - Monday — 6 meals — $345.00 per person

Commuter — 8 meals — Friday - Monday — $285.00

Commuter — 6 meals — Saturday - Sunday — $225.00

Commuter — 3 meals — Saturday or Sunday — $150.00

Pre-Foray Single Room — no meals — Wednesday or Thursday only — $190.00 per night (ticket cannot be used Friday - Monday)

Pre-Foray Double Room — no meals — Wednesday or Thursday only — $95.00 per night per person (ticket cannot be used Friday - Monday)


Reservation Process:

To reserve a space at the foray, each guest must fill out the online Registration Form completely, then complete payment online or promptly send payment by check.

Paying by PayPal or credit card will complete the reservation and a paid ticket will be issued.

During the checkout process, you do have the option to pay by check (Manual Payment at checkout). The registrar must receive the check within 30 days of the online reservation to complete it. If no payment has been received by that 30-day date the reservation will be removed. Once the check is received, registration is complete.

Refund Policy

We will issue a refund of the ticket price until registration closes on September 6, 2024. Any transaction fees are not refundable. After that date please contact the Registrar.


Accommodation will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please note that the reservation will cover only those nights reserved. We may be unable to make any changes to your reservation when you arrive. So for example, if you sign up for a Saturday through Monday stay, we may not be able provide a room should you arrive on Friday if the Resort has no rooms available.

Single occupancy is one guest per hotel room. Double, triple, and quadruple rooms are furnished with two double beds. For example, a double room accommodates two guests with two double beds, a triple room accommodates three guests with two double beds, and a quadruple room accommodates four guests with two double beds. A limited number of cots are available; include your request when registering.


When registering for double and triple rooms, if you do not have a roommate(s), we will assign them based on gender and other stated preferences. If we cannot find a roommate(s), unfortunately we cannot honor your room preference. You would then need to make a different room choice. Do not purchase a quadruple room ticket unless you have four people willing to sleep together in double beds. Although cots are available, they are limited in number.

Meal Plans: 

Meal plans are as follows: the 8-meal plan includes Friday dinner through Monday breakfast. The 6-meal plan includes Saturday lunch through Monday breakfast. The Saturday or Sunday Commuter plans include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Additional Notes: 

If you need transportation to the Resort, or can provide it, please be sure to check the applicable box on the registration form. We will try to coordinate rides to the site.

If you can help with the foray, please tell us what you would like to do in the space provided.

If you're planning on bringing a microscope and wish to set up near the display area, please let us know on your registration form. If you can lend yours for the microscopy workshop, kindly let us know as well.

The Emerald Resort does not allow pets except for service animals.

In order to complete a ticket purchase, each adult must check the Liability Waiver "I agree" box on the registration form. Your ticket purchase is your assent to the following Liability Waiver:

Registration closes on September 6, 2024.

Liability Waiver: By checking the box and completing my purchase, I hold harmless the Boston Mycological Club, Pioneer Valley Mycological Association, Cape Cod Mycological Society and Monadnock Mushroomers, Northeast Mycological Federation, Inc., officers and members, Scudder Ave LLC d/b/a Emerald Resorts, my fellow Foray participants and instructors, from any and all liability and loss arising from any accident, injury or illness that may result from activities of the 2024 NEMF Samuel Ristich Foray.

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