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Member Clubs

Currently, the Federation consists of twenty-two clubs, hailing from northeastern Canada down to Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Every year, one or more clubs host the annual NEMF Foray. Attendance at the Foray is open to everyone in the world!

BMC Boston Mycological Club
Contact: Susan Goldhor
NEMF Club Trustee: Pam Chamberlain

CCMS Cape Cod Mycological Society
Wesley D. Price Founder/President/NEMF Club Trustee

CMM Cercle des Mycologues de Montreal
4101 Rue Sherbrooke Est
Montreal QC H1X 2B2 Canada
Newsletter: Le Mycologue
NEMF Club Trustee: Nalitha T.-Paradis

CNYMS Central New York Mycological Society

Contact:  Bernie Carr
210 Parrish Lane
Syracuse NY 13205-3320
Newsletter: Julie Siler
NEMF Club Trustee: Jean O. Fahey

COMA Connecticut-Westchester Mycological Association,
Contact: Joe Brandt
NEMF Club Trustee and President: Joe Brandt

CVMS Connecticut Valley Mycological Society
Contact:  Beth Karwoski (President)
Newsletter: Karen Monger
NEMF Club Trustee: Walt Rode
Portland. CT 

EPM Eastern Penn Mushroomers
Shawn Moyer (President)
Linda Sears, Foray Chair
Website: Chris Snyder
Newsletter: Lynn Nelson
NEMF Club Trustee: Roseann Sachs
Harrisburg, PA 

LIMC Long Island Mycological Club
Contact: Mary Beth Tomko (President)
Wantagh, NY 
Newsletter: Joel Horman
NEMF Club Trustee: Jacques Brochard

MMA Maine Mycological Association
Contact: Delmar Dustin Small
Newsletter: David Porter
NEMF Club Trustee: Michaeline Mulvey
University of Maine
Orono ME 

MHMA Mid Hudson Mycological Association
Contact:  John Michelotti (President)
Albany NY 
NEMF Trustee: John Michelotti

MYMS Mid-York Mycological Society
Contact:  Sally Reymers
George Yager
Newsletter:  Robin Markham
NEMF Club Trustee: Peter Molesky

MMU Monadnock Mushroomers Unlimited
NEMF Club Trustee: Rick Van de Poll

NJMA New Jersey Mycological Association
Newsletter:  Jim Richards
Club Trustee: Dorothy Smullen

NYMS New York Mycological Society
Contact: Paul Sadowski
Newsletter: Ethan Crenson
Club Trustee: Paul Sadowski

Philadelphia Mycology Club

Contact: Kevin Popowich

NEMF Club Trustee: Kevin Popowich

Club President: Sam Bucciarelli

Newsletter: Veronica Rosenberger

Website: Jeffrey R. Stevens III

PVMA Pioneer Valley Mycological Association

Contacts: Jess Evans, President
Shutesbury, MA
Newsletter: Jess Evans/Jonathan Kranz
Club Trustee: Jess Evans

RAMA Rochester Area Mycological Association
Contact: Don Tumminelli
Newsletter:  Liz Cornish
NEMF Club Trustee:  David McCheyne
Rochester, NY

Rhode Island Mycological Society

Contact: Deana Thomas

NEMF Club Trustee: Deana Thomas

SVMS Susquehanna Valley Mycological Society
Contact: Stacey Kalechitz
Newsletter:  Clay Martin
NEMF Club Trustee: Linda Hammond
Owego, NY

SRMC Sunapee Region Mycology Club

Jess Whitaker, President and Trustee

Western New York Mycology Club

NEMF Club Trustee: Sarah Cunningham

WPMC Western Pennsylvania Mushroom Club
Contact President: Cecily Franklin
Newsletter:   Cecily Franklin
NEMF Club Trustee:   John Plischke III
Greensburg PA 

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