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Homola Scholarships

NEMF has a limited number of scholarships available for attendees of the annual foray. To apply, please read the below guidelines. 

The application for a scholarship to attend the annual NEMF is principally comprised of a letter to the
Scholarship Committee that includes the following four points:

1) Your background and training (if any) in Mycology
2) Your current research and/or activities in the field of Mycology, including club affiliations
and years of experience
3) Any particular branch of Mycology in which you wish to specialize in the future, and lastly
4) Why you think you are an exceptional candidate deserving of such an award

Note: The award covers your tuition at the four-day conference but not your travel to and from.
Please make your necessary arrangements for travel.

Your letter of application is due by the end of June during the year of the foray.  The Scholarship Committee,
which is a standing committee of the Board of Trustees of NEMF, shall review all applications within one
month of the receipt of the letter of interest. If a suitable candidate has been accepted, they will be
notified as soon as all Committee members have come to a consensus about the winning applicant(s) as
well as the amount of the award. (Note: in the event of a limited amount of funds and two equally
qualified applicants, the total award may be split).

The NEMF Board of Trustees and the Foray Registrar will be notified concurrently with the applicant. It is
up to the applicant to provide a timely response to the award by registering for it so as to secure a
reservation at the Foray. In general, the Foray Chairperson shall hold the place for the winning
applicant(s) up to a month prior to the Foray start date, after which the reservation may be forfeited if
there are other wait-listed people wishing to attend the Foray.

Note: The number of scholarships in any given year will be somewhat dependent upon the NEMF
balance from the previous year. Although possible, scholarship recipients who wish to re-apply in
subsequent years will have to be considered after those who have never applied before.

Please send all inquiries and/or application letters to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee:

Rick Van de Poll, Ph.D.
30 North Sandwich Road
Center Sandwich, NH 03227 [Electronic communications preferred}

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